Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Big Day!

Birthdays!  How do you celebrate them?

Spending your birthday with your relatives and friends is the most memorable moment, nothing can steal that memories from you. Birthdays are the most important event in our life, it's the day we received life and it was the day we  felt the pain and happiness of this world. We have accepted the gift of God and fully took the mission for us to accomplish. And, as for me, this was the day that I had received life, and now it's still the day that I felt the energy of living again and not just merely existing just like before the days and years had passed.

February is my month since it's my birth month. I was born before the EDSA Revolution took place and for me it is something special because I had to witness the turntable of events from a dictatorial regime to a more democratic country. I felt I was part of that revolution, even though I was just weeks old then. (Is this the reason why I'm so rebellious?:))

Let's put aside all the historical events, let's focus on what had happened during my day. I thought it was just like an ordinary day just like before, but it was not. Have you ever felt being so energized? Well, I am, this day seems to be different for me, I just had this odd feeling that I will meet all my goals this year. I felt so energized that I wanted to always move, thought about my work always, and to searching for new topics for this blog. I think I'm already in alignment with my star.

Star huh?

Speaking of star, well I really enjoyed our bonding during my birthday, her name is Bituin (Filipino word of Star)  and she really is like a star 'coz she just shine like one. Amazing huh? A shining human, If everybody shines then our world would be very bright. With us was Janine, another lovely girl that would really make you smile, she's such an amazing friend, a kind of friend that you don't want to miss. The three of us were having dinner and we talked a lot. It was just a short bonding but I'm happy because I'm with them.

This girl surely enjoyed the water. The shot was taken when I was sitting and trying to relax for a while, her amusement with the water pipe made me think to capture her still.
The day before was exciting because it was my auntie's birthday and we joined her and we had a wonderful pool party. My nephews were enjoying the cool waters and almost didn't want to get out from there spot. Foods were not so abundant, we just had grilled fish a very typical dish anyone would bring during birthdays held at pools or beaches; and there are some other dishes that we brought and you would sure love to eat because it's still grilled. It's like a grill party huh, makes sense from the dishes itself :-)

This day shall pass,and still hoping and praying that I will still meet my birthday again next year and many years to come.

Till next time!


  1. Belated happy birthday to you and your Aunt!

  2. belated happy birthday! :)

  3. awww! she is surely loving the pipe :-) Visiting from Happiness is...hope that you can return the visit too.