Friday, 3 February 2012

Drafting myself

May I extend my sweetest gratitude to my sister and my brother; I wanted them to know that I have been thankful for the support they've given for me to move forward in my life. This is just one of my smiles that really won't disappear because it is treasured. I know they are not expecting something in return, but I think it's up to me to give them a good feedback. I feel obligated now.

What will happen now, is to compose myself first, I've always said this that changing is really the hardest thing to do - aside from saying sorry. I have made some exercises - not physically but mentally - and been trying to maintain them as much as I could do.

What are these exercises?

* Write something

I told myself to post in my blog everyday, I thought I have been doing well in that, though not totally posting day to day, but at least I have maintained to write about personal experiences. I thought it would be easy but when they say writing something valuable and something that is within your niche, I got to stop a while and think what I really wanted to write and share.

* Evaluating Self

At this point, I guess I still don't know myself totally; this is the moment of my life that I asked myself of my purpose and my passion in life. I even took a test or evaluation about what my passion and purpose are in this world. Well, I think I'm still on the process of dealing the real me, since it involved a lot of issues.

* Set my pleasures free but not my brain

In my spare time, I don't stop thinking of what new post I would write. I admit I think I'm getting paranoid because I thought a lot of issues or topics, but I can't come up with what I really like to write.

* Still, set my pleasure free but not my brain

I, now read magazines, newspaper, other articles and blogs just to get something from them and to practice my brain in English communication - I still have grammar issue that is why I read.

The assessment will always be there, and I hope my body will move along with my brain. This is just for now; I will smile after posting this.

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