Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tetris and You

Tetris. It is now one of the most played games in Facebook today. If you were born in the 80s or early 90s, I'm sure you've already encountered this game. It was a popular game before technology pushes new virtual games in the internet. And now that Faceboook introduces it once again to the public; millions of people have become a fanatic in this game. I admit I'm also a fan of this game before and today the game made me a more avid fan.

Interacting in social games like this one is fun, you get to meet different kinds of people who are also playing the game. What do we actually get from this game? Do they give benefits to the players? On the other hand, are they just distractions to our valuable time?

As my experience in playing the game for a week now, I would say that yes it is a distraction of personal time if you don't know how to control yourself. Good thing that they have  limited energies where one can play only several times. In this way, the user will not totally focus on the game and leave other works behind.

The Tetris game like any other game on Facebook is socializing, unlike before where Tetris was played as a single player mode only. Today, you will have to compete with other opponents and  in return, you will gain friendship from them.

The game in some way help you to concentrate on what you are doing. Because if you really don't give attention to it, you will be knocked out, and you will lose one star putting you to a lower level. As an instinct to humans, we always want to be on top that's why we tend to give our best in the game. I also believe that this is a mental exercise to prepare ourselves to the real world, competing is very rampant that's why we need to focus and give everything we have even if it means losing our energies.

What we do benefit from this game is focus, determination and persistence. You or we may think that this is just another brick game wasting our time over some more important matters, think again because this game may help you become victorious. This is not an exaggeration to put a game as a motivation to become successful, in fact, through games, we showed to the world that we are determined to win battles. In this game, it will show how persistent we are to push ourselves to the limit.

Next time, don't just look at a game as an entertainment, look at it as something helpful to your career or to the improvement of your self-confidence. Okay, you may say that it is habit-forming, and it will ruin your life; you see this will only happen to those who don't know how to control themselves. Instead of getting hooked on the game itself, use it to become addictive with your true passion in life to win battles. Use in the actual world the traits you use to win the Tetris game.

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