Friday, 2 March 2012

Love in writing or Writing in Love?

How long have I been gone? Are you worried about me?:) I was busy making articles for someone else actually and I think I now like what I am doing. To be honest, writing is the last profession I would chose but now it is the one giving me more opportunities to discover what's inside the virtual world; how ironic isn't it? The one you've been pushing away is the one that's meant for you.

It is just like in love actually, if you didn't like the person you pushed it away where in fact that person is the only one that cares for you. How, I wished that love isn't as complicated as this. I was wondering, what if there's only one person to choose; like for instance a man decides whom he love, and, the person he chooses will just have to follow. Hmm, makes no sense, love is an interaction of EMOTIONS; as the word itself e-MOTION it's always moving  and you don't know what's ahead of you.

Just like that, you don't know what the future holds on you, and you just wait. Wait until something comes out in your mind, similar to creative writing, after inking all your treasured highfalutin words you will soon gone out of what to write and you suddenly just stop right in the middle of the plot and wondering; what happened to my ideas? where did it go? what you need to do is write every idea no matter how bad or good it is. Just express your thoughts in the paper, after that edit it and, voila, you have a good article.

But this kind of scheme is not always working on love because in love you need to be careful of your tongue-this might be the reason of your misunderstandings. Whatever holds in your thoughts you need to keep  it there, edit it and until you come up with a creative alibi or whatever it is and everything will go smoothly when you let it out.

Love and writing together? hmm, is that a romantic novel?:) Anyway, what I have learned in my journey now as a freelancer is not likely similar to the happily-ever-after love story. In writing, I can just say whatever I want, just jot it down but in love I can't even express the simple three words;see? Oh well, what am I saying here, talking about love. Goodbye for now, I still have words to catch up, they're really fast man.

 I salute all those elderly couples out there who still hold hands while walking. Congratulations:)

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