Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Loving Psychology

This day I'm  going to  talk about myself and what I just perceived yesterday.

Why is it suddenly I love Psychology? I'm not even thinking of that subject ever before.

I never thought that I had practiced psychoanalysis to myself. FYI psychoanalysis is the method of investigation the mind, and the way one thinks. By this, I have found out that I'm a totally pessimistic person; that's the reason why I'm stuck in my life before.

I've adjusted the way my mind thinks and this time I encourage  myself nothing but positivity; anything that will benefit me in the end. What it shows us here, is that we need to set our mind to positiveness to reach our goals in life, whatever goals it will be - getting rich, having a healthy body and lifestyle, a wonderful career, a happy relationship with our partners or even to the simplest goal of buying a favorite pair of shoes. Set our mind to the Law of Attraction, and have faith in God.

Psychology 101 might  give me more mentoring if I have taken that kind of a subject. However, taken or not I'm still privileged to have at least been educating myself about Psychology. And now, I'm beginning to fall in love with it. I think I love people - different kinds of people; I like reading individuals; I'm always curious why they act differently and what influences them to be such. The symmetry of man and his mind and soul is so interesting for me.

Perchance, I won't take Engineering course anymore and just continue to educate myself on Psychology, or maybe they can be great together, after all Engineers deal with a lot of different people too. How wonderful would that be?

There are so many things I need to explore to myself, things that maybe someone knew what I already possess, but still haven't noticed it.  This time is all about me, maybe you too will discover what you really like, and possibly you can use it to improve your life (whatever it may be).

It really is true that through reading you will reveal something for yourself.

Try to read this at Facebook's fan page it is called The Science of Getting Rich. It will help you a lot you just need to unfold your mind.

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