Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tetris and You

Tetris. It is now one of the most played games in Facebook today. If you were born in the 80s or early 90s, I'm sure you've already encountered this game. It was a popular game before technology pushes new virtual games in the internet. And now that Faceboook introduces it once again to the public; millions of people have become a fanatic in this game. I admit I'm also a fan of this game before and today the game made me a more avid fan.

Interacting in social games like this one is fun, you get to meet different kinds of people who are also playing the game. What do we actually get from this game? Do they give benefits to the players? On the other hand, are they just distractions to our valuable time?

As my experience in playing the game for a week now, I would say that yes it is a distraction of personal time if you don't know how to control yourself. Good thing that they have  limited energies where one can play only several times. In this way, the user will not totally focus on the game and leave other works behind.

The Tetris game like any other game on Facebook is socializing, unlike before where Tetris was played as a single player mode only. Today, you will have to compete with other opponents and  in return, you will gain friendship from them.

The game in some way help you to concentrate on what you are doing. Because if you really don't give attention to it, you will be knocked out, and you will lose one star putting you to a lower level. As an instinct to humans, we always want to be on top that's why we tend to give our best in the game. I also believe that this is a mental exercise to prepare ourselves to the real world, competing is very rampant that's why we need to focus and give everything we have even if it means losing our energies.

What we do benefit from this game is focus, determination and persistence. You or we may think that this is just another brick game wasting our time over some more important matters, think again because this game may help you become victorious. This is not an exaggeration to put a game as a motivation to become successful, in fact, through games, we showed to the world that we are determined to win battles. In this game, it will show how persistent we are to push ourselves to the limit.

Next time, don't just look at a game as an entertainment, look at it as something helpful to your career or to the improvement of your self-confidence. Okay, you may say that it is habit-forming, and it will ruin your life; you see this will only happen to those who don't know how to control themselves. Instead of getting hooked on the game itself, use it to become addictive with your true passion in life to win battles. Use in the actual world the traits you use to win the Tetris game.

Monday, 6 February 2012

How to make your partner happy this Valentine's day?

Your blogger here is loveless and her Valentine's day would be as cold as winter, but her heart is warm ready to melt whatever frost will form.:-) I am perfectly happy being single right now, that is why I'm going out alone and treat myself with confectioneries; I will find that day. Anyhow, I have my own ways of spending my Valentines so, who says you need a lover to make your V-day complete?

This entry will be for every couple who wanted to give their girlfriends or boyfriends some extra tender, loving and caring day. I think girls should be the queen of hearts, and they should be given a royalty experience in this special moment.

For boys who wanted to give their girlfriends a meaningful day, take a pen and copy these tips.

 * give them flowers a fresh one would really be sweet.

 * A romantic letter that you yourself wrote can make a girl  blush.

 * treat her to a spa, every girls need to unwind and relax.

 * girls love jewelry, surprise them with a genuine necklace or a pair of earrings perhaps.

* take her to a romantic date, in your preferred restaurant or watch movies together, perhaps you can take her to your house and cook for her favorite dish.

If you follow these tips, your girlfriend would surely be the happiest girl on that day. Just be romantic and loving. Be extra caring so that she will fall in love with  you over again. It's just easy to please a girl don't make a hard time looking for extravagant things; love doesn't count on material stuff you give.

Boys, however, only need one thing during Valentine's day, and that is a very romantic date. Well, it is hard to know what boys really have in mind in this particular day because they're the ones giving. Anyway,  I suggest let's just consider their wishes and make them happy; something that would make them feel special too.

Have a warm and romantic Valentine's day everyone! Remember love is not just a one-day affair, make it a lasting engagement. It's so beautiful to be in love with the right person.

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

- Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Big Day!

Birthdays!  How do you celebrate them?

Spending your birthday with your relatives and friends is the most memorable moment, nothing can steal that memories from you. Birthdays are the most important event in our life, it's the day we received life and it was the day we  felt the pain and happiness of this world. We have accepted the gift of God and fully took the mission for us to accomplish. And, as for me, this was the day that I had received life, and now it's still the day that I felt the energy of living again and not just merely existing just like before the days and years had passed.

February is my month since it's my birth month. I was born before the EDSA Revolution took place and for me it is something special because I had to witness the turntable of events from a dictatorial regime to a more democratic country. I felt I was part of that revolution, even though I was just weeks old then. (Is this the reason why I'm so rebellious?:))

Let's put aside all the historical events, let's focus on what had happened during my day. I thought it was just like an ordinary day just like before, but it was not. Have you ever felt being so energized? Well, I am, this day seems to be different for me, I just had this odd feeling that I will meet all my goals this year. I felt so energized that I wanted to always move, thought about my work always, and to searching for new topics for this blog. I think I'm already in alignment with my star.

Star huh?

Speaking of star, well I really enjoyed our bonding during my birthday, her name is Bituin (Filipino word of Star)  and she really is like a star 'coz she just shine like one. Amazing huh? A shining human, If everybody shines then our world would be very bright. With us was Janine, another lovely girl that would really make you smile, she's such an amazing friend, a kind of friend that you don't want to miss. The three of us were having dinner and we talked a lot. It was just a short bonding but I'm happy because I'm with them.

This girl surely enjoyed the water. The shot was taken when I was sitting and trying to relax for a while, her amusement with the water pipe made me think to capture her still.
The day before was exciting because it was my auntie's birthday and we joined her and we had a wonderful pool party. My nephews were enjoying the cool waters and almost didn't want to get out from there spot. Foods were not so abundant, we just had grilled fish a very typical dish anyone would bring during birthdays held at pools or beaches; and there are some other dishes that we brought and you would sure love to eat because it's still grilled. It's like a grill party huh, makes sense from the dishes itself :-)

This day shall pass,and still hoping and praying that I will still meet my birthday again next year and many years to come.

Till next time!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Drafting myself

May I extend my sweetest gratitude to my sister and my brother; I wanted them to know that I have been thankful for the support they've given for me to move forward in my life. This is just one of my smiles that really won't disappear because it is treasured. I know they are not expecting something in return, but I think it's up to me to give them a good feedback. I feel obligated now.

What will happen now, is to compose myself first, I've always said this that changing is really the hardest thing to do - aside from saying sorry. I have made some exercises - not physically but mentally - and been trying to maintain them as much as I could do.

What are these exercises?

* Write something

I told myself to post in my blog everyday, I thought I have been doing well in that, though not totally posting day to day, but at least I have maintained to write about personal experiences. I thought it would be easy but when they say writing something valuable and something that is within your niche, I got to stop a while and think what I really wanted to write and share.

* Evaluating Self

At this point, I guess I still don't know myself totally; this is the moment of my life that I asked myself of my purpose and my passion in life. I even took a test or evaluation about what my passion and purpose are in this world. Well, I think I'm still on the process of dealing the real me, since it involved a lot of issues.

* Set my pleasures free but not my brain

In my spare time, I don't stop thinking of what new post I would write. I admit I think I'm getting paranoid because I thought a lot of issues or topics, but I can't come up with what I really like to write.

* Still, set my pleasure free but not my brain

I, now read magazines, newspaper, other articles and blogs just to get something from them and to practice my brain in English communication - I still have grammar issue that is why I read.

The assessment will always be there, and I hope my body will move along with my brain. This is just for now; I will smile after posting this.